When you step into Strada, your connection with the outside is suddenly cut off, and you meet with completely different emotions.

The smells of food coming into your nose, the laughter ringing in your ears, the flavors you taste… All of them are both very familiar and as new and exciting as a feeling encountered for the first time. You can feel more than one emotion at the same time in Strada, which provides a timeless space experience. For those who haven’t met yet, it’s called “Strada Feeling”

Journey with Passion

The Turanlı family, which started their journey with Cafe Cadde in 1994, created many brands such as Draft Gastropub with the concept of “Prime Meat”. This journey, which started with Cafe Cadde 28 years ago, brought many experiences to the Sultan & Turan Turanlı family. The experiences gained over the years combined with the brand new excitement brought by Strada, and the Turan couple transferred all their experiences to their sons. Doruk Turanlı adds a brand new dynamism to Strada with his energy by adapting the family’s experience to the new generation.

Familiar, Exciting, Timeless:
Strada Feel


Sometimes planned,
sometimes unplanned,
sometimes on foot,
sometimes long term… 

Every person who experiences Strada acts as he or she feels, experiencing a sense of belonging. She chooses food and drink according to her feelings that day, because she knows that Strada will offer a taste suitable for the moment, no matter what time it is, in an energetic breakfast, celebration, coffee break, afternoon tea or in an evening when glasses are high. 

The Most Special Tastes from World Cuisine 

Making a name for itself with its global flavors, Strada’s dishes from the cuisines of different countries such as Italy, France and Austria have been modernized in accordance with today’s trends and the menu has been created accordingly. Therefore, you can find flavors you can taste from different parts of the world in the most original form in Strada cuisine. To experience a different taste, you should try the crispy duck, one of Strada’s most famous delicacies. 

Suitable for Any Time of the Day Classic and Sophisticated Cocktails

You shouldn’t leave without tasting Strada’s cocktails because there is a cocktail menu that appeals to different tastes, sometimes classic and sometimes sophisticated, suitable for every hour of the day.


Chef Carlo Manoos Monsanto’s Far Eastern Touch 

A sushi section has also been opened in Strada, which hosts many flavors from breakfast varieties to salads, vegan products, and pizzas specially prepared in a stone oven. Chef Carlo Manoos Monsanto, who has a good command of Far Eastern culture, makes sushi. Monsanto brings the real sushi experience to Strada. 


Design Journey Inspired by Italy 

Pınar Hacıraifoğlu, who undertook the design of Strada, started her design journey with the word “Strada”, which means street in Italian. Since he wanted to create an innovative but traditional space that could touch everyone’s soul, he set out to be inspired by the world, nature and people. That’s why he used natural materials to the maximum in Strada’s design. Hacıraifoğlu, with elements such as marble tables, wrought iron chairs, pizza oven, sales sections, fireplace area, open kitchen, wine cellar, positioned around the bar in the middle section on the ground floor, where everyone can capture the sense of belonging, where the street atmosphere is felt, the garden capacity is 180, the interior is 80 and the bar is 80. He created a large space with 20 people. 


Suadiye, Bağdat Cd. No:459, 34740

Monday – Friday
12:00 – 01:00

Saturday – Sunday
10:00 – 01:00